Music at Dutch Neck Presbyterian

Participation in choirs is a great way to serve in church. We would like to continuously encourage members to join the choirs and share their gifts.

DNPC Chancel Choir
The Chancel Choir provides music during each Sunday’s Service. This is a group that is filled with dedicated volunteers who are also enthusiastic about singing together. The Chancel Choir normally practices on Thursday night from 8 to 9:30 pm. The repertoire is vast: from motet to gospel, a cappella (without accompaniment) to with instruments. We participated in the New Brunswick Presbytery Choir Festival a few times in the past. The experience was inspiring and fulfilling.
The choir normally gets together to warm up and go through a few things on Sunday morning right before the service. This is a time we also welcome anyone who can not commit to Thursday rehearsals to join us. Walk-ins are welcome.

The DNPC Bell Choir
We have a five-octave set of bells. These beautiful bells are maintained and polished regularly. The Bell Choir consists of 13 ringers. Each one has their own sets of bells (usually 2-5 depending on the piece). Playing bells requires training and practice, and “team-work” is essential. Part of the challenge (and fun) is coordination between your ears (and eyes to see the conductor!) and your hands. You don’t have to read music in order to play, you need only to be able to count.