Youth Programs

Youth ministry is a vital part of First Presbyterian Church of Dutch Neck. The fundamental goal of Youth Ministry at First Presbyterian Church of Dutch Neck is to bring our students into an intimate relationship with God.

We pray that students will come to know the passionate love of Christ and will desire to follow Christ’s example of service and ministry. We believe it is our call to equip teens to share this unique love with all of God’s people. We desire to prepare our students to be faithful and devoted followers of Christ, leaders of the Church, and advocates of justice and peace in our society and world. We aim to develop mature disciples of Christ who hunger for the Word of God and who share this Good News not only by their mouths but by their lifestyles, their thoughts, and their faithfulness, so that all whom they encounter may see and know Christ through them.

There are three major programs in the DNPC Youth Program: Youth Sunday School, YIM, and the Homework “Safe Space” Program.

Youth Sunday School

This weekly Sunday school program meets every Sunday from 11 until noon, running concurrent with Adult Ed. Open to middle school students, high school students, college students, and adult members of the congregation, this class focuses on analyzing real-life case study situations, and constructing scripturally-rooted, Christian responses through close reading of texts, Q&A with the teacher, and group discussions. The idea is to explore what the scripture means outside of church, and what it means to be a Christian not only on Sunday, but during the whole week. The class will kick-off on Sunday, September 18th, with a joint class with the Adult Ed. Program.

YIM: Youth-Led Intergenerational Missions (Youth Group)

The DNPC youth group, known as “YIM” is led and managed by the youth of DNPC, and meets once a week to select, plan, design, and execute local mission projects, and to (hopefully) work towards a larger, long-distance mission trip.  This gives our adult members of the congregation opportunities to be active in the community, while supporting our youth as they learn what it means to manage community service projects. This also helps our youth to get some real-world project experience, while taking care of some much-needed community service hours. That all said, it’s not only work; there’ll be plenty of fun events throughout the year as well; regular events that everyone (like the hayride and corn maze) as well as some new ones too! The first project will be a renovation of the basement Youth Room. We meet every Sunday at noon, starting from September 25th. See you there!

Homework “Safe Space” Program

Starting in early October, we will be opening the Youth Room up every week on Wednesday nights (more often, if enough people want to volunteer!) for students in the church and local community to have a safe, comfortable and quiet place to come work on school work away from parental pressures, meddling siblings, or any of the other distractions that can come up at home. Volunteers will also be available to help the youth with particularly difficult work, and the Youth Minster will be available to help older youth with college prep work, applications, essays, and things of that nature. We need lots of volunteers, and we’re hoping to see lots of youth take advantage of this program too! Watch the website, FB group and twitter for timing and updates as this program gets ready to start!


If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 609.799.0712, or email the Youth Minister at You can also check us out on Facebook at “Dutch Neck Presbyterian Youth,” or follow us on twitter @DNPCYouth. We hope that you will make Dutch Neck home!


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