After a few weeks of work on the part of our youth, as well as our adult volunteers, we have completed the first stage of renovations, and are pleased to announce that the DNPC Youth Room is ready to go! I’ve put up some pictures, but the best way to experience the new Youth Room is to come see it for yourself!

And there are plenty of opportunities to do that!

Youth Sunday School meets on Sunday (oddly enough), at 11:15, and is open to EVERYONE in middle school, high school, college, grad school, or even older!

YIM (Youth-led Intergenerational Missions) Group meets at 12:30 for our monthly planning meeting. These are important meetings, since this is where we decide what mission projects, and what fun events, the youth group would like to do in the coming month. Also, while we plan things, we cook lunch together, and learn about a new dish in the process. This week (10/9/2016), we’ll be making Yakisoba (Japanese grilled/fried noodles with veggies and meat). We hope to see you there!


youth-room-1 youth-room-3 youth-room-2