Your First Visit

On your way from the parking lot, you pass by the cemetery. Nearby are the oldest headstones, some with names and dates worn away over time.

Up the stairs and through the double doors, you meet a couple serving as ushers for Sunday worship. Hello! they say, and you note their cross-stitched nametags.  Hello, you answer back, and then turn right or left to enter the sanctuary.

One of the ushers’ children hands you a program.

You see the sanctuary has two aisles, not one in the center. (How does that work during weddings, you think.) The four columns of pews are mostly full, at least at the back. People murmur in conversation, some turned around to talk with the people in the seat behind them. Children sit with their parents in the pews.

Up front, the nave of the church shows off the organ pipes, a cross, and two traditional stained-glass windows. Music begins, and the chatter subsides.

It’s 9:30 on Sunday at Dutch Neck.

Join us!