Two clips with sermon March 26, 2017



Our Life Together March 26, 2017

Our Life Together March 26, 2017

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11/6/2016 Youth/Adult Education Guest Speaker

On Sunday, November 6, we were blessed to have Rev. Kaoru Inoue of Japan join us for a special joint Youth/Adult Education hour after church. Rev. Inoue is  a reformed yakuza (Japanese gangster), who spoke to us about his remarkable journey through crime,drug addiction and despair to salvation through Jesus Christ. Now he works with prisons, juvenile training schools, drug rehabilitation centers and similar ministries, and travels around the world telling his story of life, death, and redemption.

This was a truly remarkable event which both youth and adults were able to enjoy. What’s more, we were fortunate enough to be able to record it! So, for those of you who weren’t able to make it, please watch the video at the link below. Translation is (and was, obviously) provided by our own Akiko Van Antwerpen, who was kind enough to offer us her gifts for this event.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this one-of-a-kind event happen!


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After a few weeks of work on the part of our youth, as well as our adult volunteers, we have completed the first stage of renovations, and are pleased to announce that the DNPC Youth Room is ready to go! I’ve put up some pictures, but the best way to experience the new Youth Room is to come see it for yourself!

And there are plenty of opportunities to do that!

Youth Sunday School meets on Sunday (oddly enough), at 11:15, and is open to EVERYONE in middle school, high school, college, grad school, or even older!

YIM (Youth-led Intergenerational Missions) Group meets at 12:30 for our monthly planning meeting. These are important meetings, since this is where we decide what mission projects, and what fun events, the youth group would like to do in the coming month. Also, while we plan things, we cook lunch together, and learn about a new dish in the process. This week (10/9/2016), we’ll be making Yakisoba (Japanese grilled/fried noodles with veggies and meat). We hope to see you there!


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October Newsletter

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Potato Harvesting

This past Monday (August 1), we went out and dug up some potatoes! Church members of all ages came out to dig around in the garden, and and harvested a bunch of potatos, and a few other things too, to donate to the RISE foodbank. Below are some pictures from the evening’s harvest; a wonderful time was had by all!

Potato 2 Potato 3 Potato 4 Potato 5 Potato1